Friday, 19 June 2009

29C in Valencia

Yes it´s too damn hot. Forced to stay in Valencia to present an update paper on "The Spectrum of Philanthropy" at the International Congress of Not for Profit Marketing in downtown Valencia. Poor old me but someone has to do it. More on this next week as it does involve the Institute of Fundraising losing out again. But there we are!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

I'm not alone

Sorry for the delay between blogs. Been in the Highlands where it rained for three days on the West coast and was sunny for three days on the East coast. No wonder the Scots moan about the English, we did little but complain about the weather. Apart, that is, from some heroic eating and drinking.

Well, as soon as a grumpy old fundraiser moans so the Institute reacts! Third Sector are publicising the Institute of Fundraising's new campaign to blow the whistle on the crap, unethical and downright dangerous DM campaigns that some charities continue to inflict upon an, increasingly, cynical public. No grumps today, just an A+ to Lindsay Boswell and Louise Richards. Watch this space however because I am shortly to have a major grump about the Institute's lack of focus regarding the convention.