Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The digested convention

Did you go? Were you inspired? How was it for you?
Seems to me that Nick Hurd set the scene by speaking for 30 minutes without saying anything other than information is power. And there we have the debate. Lots of sessions about storytelling and the power we can harness. Even the sainted Camila Batmanghelidjh told a great story. On the other hand we had the science with excellent sessions on Social Return on Investment, Balanced Score Cards and predictions for generation X over the boomers. Oh yes and a nod to the world cup with the great debate which, some people thought was going to be serious, but with Simon Burne, Joe Saxton, Mark Asterita, Jo Swinhoe (threatening to kill you) and Pauline Broomhead you have to be kidding!

So the outlook for fundraising remains tough, don't hold your breathe for government funds, tell great stories but do the numbers really really well.

Plus ca change but great fun.