Monday, 13 January 2014

What's philanthropy got to do with fundraising?

Seriously, I'm seeing an increasing use of fundraising technique with little regard for the basis case for support. Am I alone in worrying that we are really in danger of alienating potential supporters with repeated, inappropriate demands for money, time and involvement without paying any attention to what the supporters really would like to see? Hands up those of you who have talked to or heard committed supporters moaning about endless appeals, inappropriate asks, six figure salaries and the like? The media will always be ready with a pop but I am not alone in detecting a very worrying rise in the number of serious givers who are variously changing their giving habits.
It's one of the reasons we're asking the question at a round table session on 29th January. Come along if you've got something to add, or would just like to hear some informed comment. You can book a place through Eventbrite.

And, please add your five eggs worth here. I think it could be the big question for 2014. Are we losing givers faster than we're recruiting them?