Friday, 15 January 2010

Why I don't do should............

Haiti has been hit by an unimaginable earthquake. The DEC has launched an appeal. Everyone should do something?

Wrong! In my humble view should is about blame. Haiti has been plundered for more than 300 years. Firstly by the Spanish, then the French - who graciously granted them independence and left a 30 million franc debt in 1803. Since then just about everyone including laterday dictators have stripped the country bare. 80% of the population is on $2 a day. How can you build earthquake proof buildings on that.

But you and I are not to blame. Yes we can do something easy like give money. All of us could, most of us ought, many of us might, some of us will. But should? I don't think so. That's guilt trip we need to avoid as sensitive caring fundraisers. Let's give ourselves because it's the right thing to do, and will help those of us who are directly involved, to ask more sensitively and passionately for people to make a difference. However please never tell anybody that they should give.