Friday, 21 September 2012

Charities 'rely on the over 60s' for donations

Very interesting report out from CAF this morning (just in time for the partly conferences) about charities getting more than 50% of their donations from the over 60s. The report compiled by Bristol University has some very interesting findings but the overall presumption is that, as a percentage, younger people are giving less and there is therefore more relience on those getting distinctly older. But is that really what's happening?

Well we always knew that that "silent" generation who fought in and lived through the second world war were generally charitable in their giving but represented (especially after the death toll) a relatively small cohort as generations go. On the other hand the baby boomer generation is a huge cohort (by definition) so as we get older our giving has a far greater impact upon the overall picture. And, like previous generations, as we get older more of us are giving and giving more at that.

However we're doing it differently as Maple's Spectrum of Philanthropy suggests.We don't necessarily trust established charities to do the biz. We may want more say and certainly more meaningful feedback. We may find or even form different social enterprises to do what needs to be done. So the challenge to fundraisers is so much greater.

All the more reason, of course, to understand where your givers are coming from and why they do what they do. Pretty good case for more research just as long as it is focussed on the needs of fundraisers.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Congratulations, you have been awarded a substancial grant!

Always a delight to get a letter, phone call or email confirming that you've been succesful (again!) with one of your carefully crafted, researched and produced, fundraising application to a grantmaker.

However what if you didn't actually apply?

I've just found out that I'm the lucky recipient of a substancial grant from a very large Foundation. Problem is, I didn't apply and like the lottery if you don't apply (or buy a ticket) you don't stand a chance. OR do you? We get unsolicited gifts so why not an unsolicited grant? Stands to reason if you're being successful and creative with your marketing communications doesn't it?

Sadly however the Dove Foundation is the latest incarnation of the classic Phishing email. Respond with all your bank details for the transfer and bingo, you're the one out of pocket. Interesting twist on an old con. Just like a fundraiser really?

Beware Geeks bearing gifts!