Thursday, 5 September 2013

Is it a right or a duty for fundraisers to ask for money?

Went to a very interesting media briefing meeting with the PFRA and the indomitable Ian MacQuillan. Now whilst much of what was said comes under "Chatham House Rules" a very interesting discussion emerged over the aborted(?) Institute of Fundraising campaign that was proposed a few years ago. That was the idea that fundraisers not only need to celebrate the task of asking for support, since that is what changes the world for the better; but actually stand tall recognising that they have a right to ask for money to make the world a better place. Sadly the campaign never happened. Meanwhile the PFRA have used part of this in their more positive media messaging saying that whilst the public has a right not to be harassed, fundraisers never the less have the right to ask. This is proving quite effective in changing the tone of media coverage of street canvassing stories.

In the meantime Ian and I have also debated at length, over a glass of wine, this positive stance and I used a variation in support of street canvassers recently. To paraphrase I said something along the lines that,"fundraisers not only have a right to ask,they have a duty. On the other hand the public certainly has the right to say no!

Should we be getting the tee-shirts printed. As a fundraiser I have a duty to ask for money, whilst you have the right to say no. Maybe a bit too long and needing some more work but I'm convinced that we need to stand up and be counted.Any offers of an improved wording?

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