Tuesday, 17 November 2015

So Fundraisers oppose the Fundraising Preference Service? There's a surprise!

Adrian Sergeant and Ian MacQuillin have published an interesting report which is around the replies of more than 500 fundraisers to the their questions about the acceptability of a new regulator and the proposed FPS.

However whilst fundraisers are split on the acceptability of a new regulator to replace the FRSB it is claimed that 75% are opposed to the introduction of the proposed FPS. However if you look at the detail only 46% actively oppose it and 35% say we should accept it! (whilst trying to influence it). I'm not convinced that makes 75% actively opposed. Au contraire a lot of us answered that we have just got to get used to it as it is going to happen. So is that really opposing it? I suppose intellectually I feel it is unnecessary but I think that is reading too much into the answers, don't you?

In reality, of course, most fundraisers probably do feel that it is going to be an unnecessary burden but that we'll have to learn to live with it and make the most of a bad job because, we (and the Daily Mail) have brought this upon ourselves.

I'm doing a session at the DSC Fundraising Fair this week about the 10 most common errors that fundraisers make and what to do to avoid them. What shall I say about regulation I wonder? Do come along and see.


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